• Ultimate freedom with Freedom APK

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  • Viva video: dawn of video editing

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    Have you ever thought of dedicating a video to your loved one on a very special day? You may have dreamed of vivavideo gifting the special person with a video which captures all the special moment of you two together. To make this dream of your true, there is an all-new video editing app that will just make you surprised. Yes, you have heard it right. This video editing application is very easy to use, and you can edit the video by using all the latest features and designs.



    Seamless video editing





    This video editing application is known as the Viva Video, which is designed specially to cater all your need. This video editing application may look quite similar to the Windows Movie Maker if you have used the application on your desktop or laptop before this. That application was specially made to use in the computer and desktops.




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  • Why Zapya App?

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    Zapya has made the data sharing very easy. The data sharing is fun now for the users of Android and Windows phone. Previously data was used to send from one device to other with the help of Bluetooth connections. Before that infrared technology was used to transfer data. With the infrared technology, the phones were held next to each other, and the region was having those infrared zones were attached and zapya connected to transfer the data.

    Data sharing with Zapya

    After that Bluetooth came into being and data were used to transfer using the Bluetooth service and pairing of the devices were done for this purpose. Sending data was a very slow process as the transferring speed was very low and some hassles regarding of pairing the devices were also faced. But with the advent of this Zapya application data sharing has become much easier and a new dimension to the new age technology.


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  • All About the Showbox App

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    Showbox application is one of the famous applications that are used by the young generation to get entertainment. The main aim of the app is to offer online television shows and movies to the people. The application has easy to use graphical interface along with a number of features and functionalities. These useful features showbox app attract people to choose showbox app as compared to other apps.

    The most attractive feature of the app is that, you can mark the videos as your favorite. In the library, you can add more than 10,000 videos so that you can view them in your leisure time. Similarly, you can also get various videos and movies by using the search options available in the app. You can apply different filters to get the best results.


    The application has been updated by the developers in which they have solved various problems and issues by the customers. The users can also solve the issues using the videos or tutorials. If you are unable to fix those errors, then it is recommended that you should wait for the updated version so that you can get error free features of the application.

    The Important information that should be provided to the users is that, the Showbox app is not only available for the smartphones, but it is also available for the android phones. You can say that the app is compatible on all the devices you use. Have fun with the application…!!!

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  • Paramount Vantage feature

    Paramount Vantage feature Black Snake Moan – its rich soundtrack album has been released by New West Records. The plot of the film unfolds as Laz (Samuel L. Jackson), a troubled retired bluesman is determined to reform a promiscuous young woman (Christina Ricci). In the climactic scene, Laz returns to performing at the juke joint where he made his name. The feature song of the juke joint scene Alice Mae (written by Kenny Brown), is performed by Samuel Jackson, Kenny Brown, and Cedric Burnside. Other tracks featured in the film by Jackson’s character featuring the guitar licks of Kenny Brown are Bird Without at Feather and Stack –O-Lee. Also included is the performance of the R. L. Burnside title Old Black Mattie featuring Kenny Brown on slide guitar.

    Video clip here


    Buy the DVD at Amazon.com
    Visit Kenny’s MySpace page.

    Kenny Brown grew up in the hill country of northern Mississippi and knows the region’s music well. As a 10 year old, he learned to play guitar from his neighbor Joe Callicott, and has played with Mississippi Blues Masters ever since. Kenny’s musical style has been influenced by Jr. Kimbrough, Fred McDowell, Jessie Mae Hemphill, & Muddy Waters to name a few. He played with R.L. Burnside for 26 years, and over the last few years he has traveled all over the world spreading the North Mississippi Hill Country

    His CD, “Stingray” was released in February 2003 on Fat Possum/Epitaph Records. Sound clips from Stingray are on this site now. Click HERE to purchase Stingray at Amazon.com .

    Kenny’s first CD, “Goin Back to Mississippi,” released on Plumtone Records, has been getting rave reviews from around the world. Produced by rock ‘n roll legend Dale Hawkins, this CD blends Kenny’s influences of country, blues and rock ‘n roll.

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